Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Does God ever hit you on top of the head?

Hello, how are YOU? I'm fantastic....thank you so much for asking!!

So, I'm not sure if I actually mentioned it in my previous post, but for the last month and a half, I've gone through a spiritually dry season. I know that everyone feels that God is distant sometimes, but it is never easy to go through. Well, I was talking to my roommate Susanna about my spiritual drought around a week ago. She told me that sometimes something in our lives makes God distant, like sin or something like that. I told her I couldn't think of anything. She said for me to pray about it and ask God. Well I realized how negative I had been for the past month and a half and I told Susanna that I thought maybe that was it. That night I prayed before I went to bed for the Lord to help me to let go of the negativity in my life.

I woke up the next day with a smile on my face and singing praises to my Jesus! The drought felt over. I could feel the love of the Lord all around me! It was AMAZING! I spent the whole day pretty much smiling and singing praises.

The next day when my alarm rang, instead of getting up a little early to have my personal prayer time, I snoozed until the last possible minute to get up in time for community prayer. I thought, "Well, I'll just spend time with the Lord after community prayer." Immediately after prayer, Mrs. Genie had specific tasks for ALL of us to do to help her with finishing her book. My task was to go to Our Lady on the Bayou to pick up some stuff. I decided that I would just spend some time in the chapel at Our Lady on the Bayou to pray.

I did that and received a reading...a reading that kind of hit me on the head and pierced my heart.

"You are patient, you have suffered for my sake, and you have not given up." Revelation 2:3

After reading this part of the reading I received, I thought, "yes, I have been so patient during my spiritual dryness. I didn't give up. I continued to seek the Lord." I didn't expect to read what I read next.

"But this is what I have against you: you do not love me now as you did at first." Revelation 2:4

Ouch. That is a hard verse to swallow. I know that it is so true. I haven't been loving the Lord now as I did at first. I used to sacrifice for him daily. I used to wake up extra early to spend time in prayer and seek the Lord through His word. What I have been doing lately is fitting Him in where ever I have five minutes or so. Why would I expect to feel Him near when I have slowly been pushing Him away. No relationship would last if one person was only giving the other person the time left over in the day. Why did I think that this was okay?

Again, thank goodness that his mercies are new each day and that we have a fresh start every day!

This week, I've been receiving a lot of verses on dying. In Romans it says, "For when we die, we are set free from the power of sin. Since we have died with Christ, we believe that we will also live with him." Romans 6:7-8

I know that the Lord is calling me to die to myself every day. I know I have to abandon my will so that He can reveal His will for me. I also know that in dying to my flesh, and becoming nothing, He will raise me up.

So, to sum up the life lessons in this blog: "Love the Lord your God with all you heart, all you soul, all your might, and all your strength." Deuteronomy 6:5 and die to yourself so that you can live with Christ.

Since we've made it through the life lessons for the week, I'd like to share some highlights....

I made homemade pizza for the first time...I mean completely homemade. Homemade dough and homemade sauce!

Doesn't it look delicious? It was pretty yummy if I do say so myself.

Faith Camp Valentines dance at Our Lady on the Bayou

Cajun dancing with friends at Randols in Lafayette

Well guys, I hope you've enjoyed this post. Have a blessed week!

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