Monday, January 2, 2012

I'm Back!

So "I'm back!" is a loaded little exclamation. It has several meanings at this time. Firstly it means I'm back on my blog. Sorry about that. I sort of fell off of the bloggin' wagon. :) Secondly, I am back in General Cepeda. I cannot tell you how good it feels to be back in missions. Lastly, I was back in the States.

So much has happened in the last two months I don't really know where to begin! I guess I will begin with November 27th, the day I left General Cepeda. The days leading up to my last day in General were an emotional roller-coaster. It was a time of great excitement, but also a time of sadness. I was excited to return to the states to see my family and friends, but I was heartbroken to leave my Mexican family. My time in the states was incredible. I was able to celebrate Christmas and New Years Eve with my family. One of my favorite memories of being with family and friends while I was home, was playing Fruit Ninja and Just Dance in my sister's living-room. It was great to see Angela and Gus (my sister and her husband) competing as ninja's and dancing together. The kid's were hilarious to watch, especially my nephew Jake. He gets so into the game. The day I was leaving Florida to drive back to Louisiana, to then drive back to Mexico, I stopped at Angela's house to tell everyone goodbye, and as soon as I got there, the kids invited me to play Just Dance. After my last goodbyes, I walked to my car with a smile on face and completely out of breath from the game.

I drove to Louisiana on the 31st of January to get in a car the next day to drive to Mexico. I never thought I would be so at ease with traveling. Praise God He prepares us for what He calls us to! From the time I came back to the states on November 27th to the time I returned to Mexico on the 1st, I traveled back and forth from Florida to Louisiana around four times. My prayer on the way to Mexico was, "Lord, please make this mission new to me." He answered that prayer from the second I walked in to our mission house to the time I said my last goodbyes. It was the same house I lived in for 8 months last year, but it was like I was seeing it for the first time. I wish I could put into words how wonderful the week in Mexico was. What made it so wonderful was the group that was with us. Each and everyone of them are beautiful servants for our Lord.

What blessed me the most on this trip was one of the work projects. I know in past blogs I have mentioned members of the family we built a house for. I know I have mentioned Fransica and Chemo's daughter Brenda and the first time I saw her smile. This week I saw her smile, giggle, and speak a lot. She was so giddy and happy. I have never seen her open up to people the way she opened up to this short-term group. The reason the building of their house blessed me so much was because since I have left Mexico in November, I've had two dreams of Fransica and Chemo inviting me over to a new house for dinner. This new house had beds and a real floor in it. This new house had a good roof that protected them from the rain and cold. This new house was clean and not crowded. During the week, we (not me personally) built that new house. That dream of mine is coming true. Not only do they have a new house, but they also are getting beds and a floor in their house. I know without a doubt that one day I will share a meal with them in this new house. I feel like this is a new beginning for this family.

I began this blog entry when I first arrived in Mexico and I am finishing it a few days after I returned to the States. If it is a little confusing or hard to follow, I do apologize. So what is next for me in this new year?? I am going to the Philippines!!!! P
lease begin praying with me for that mission. God Bless and know that I am praying for you!!

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