Saturday, October 15, 2011


Lord, conform my will to Yours always.

Every Thursday I go to holy hour at church and after that mass. I am used to a holy hour being a time of silent prayer, but at my parish, here, it is not at all a time of quiet, but rather of time of singing praise and praying aloud in front of the most holy Eucharist. Because I am so used of silent adoration I haven't quite become accustom to this new form of adoration. Last Thursday I decided I was going to go to holy hour and take part in the singing and praying aloud instead of trying to pray silently in my pew. To my surprise last Thursday was Cenaculos which is when several groups take the most holy Eucharist to different houses for a time of praise and worship.

Last year I went to Cenaculos only once and because I didn't understand Spanish at all, I was confused the whole time. This time as I walked to the church to meet up with a group and begin our walk to the house we were going to, in my heart I was dreading the hour ahead because of my confusion last time. To my surprise, I was completely moved during this time of worship. As we walked in the streets with the holy Eucharist, men and women stopped to make the sign of the cross and give adoration to our Lord. We sang songs and prayed as we walked. Once we got in to the house, there was a simple, yet beautiful altar to place our Lord on as we adored Him.

If I remember correctly, last year when I went to Cenaculos we prayed a rosary but this holy hour was a time of discussion. The lady leading read the great commission in the gospel of Matthew and asked us questions about it. The best part of all of this, was that reading the great commission was conformation to a prayer I had prayed. Earlier that day I was praying asking the Lord what I should give a teaching on in the rancho we will be visiting on Tuesday of next week and thought maybe I should teach about missions. God said yes when the lady leading read the great commission. I love when He uses a situation where I am very hesitant, to touch my heart and answer my prayers. "Go, therefore, and make disciples of all nations....." Matthew 28:19a Go,bring Jesus to others! They are waiting!

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